The location - Halifax Convention Centre

Centrally located in the city, all events will be held in the Halifax Convention Centre, on the edge of North America, in the centre of it all. A floor plan of the convention level is available.


Several hotels in the vicinity of the Halifax Convention Centre and residences at Dalhousie University have been reserved for delegates.


Halifax 2022 is a joint meeting of the Geological Association of Canada, the Mineralogical Association of Canada, the Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists and the International Association of Hydrogeologists Canadian National Chapter. The hosting society is the Atlantic Geoscience Society.

Several other groups will also be providing content and coordinating with Halifax 2022:

Local Organizing Committee

Committee Chair Other members
General Chair Sandra Barr  
MAC Vice/Co-chair Rob Raeside  
CSPG Vice chair Grant Wach  
General Secretary Lynn Dafoe  
Finance Nikole Bingham-Koslowski
Accommodations/Transportation Erin Adlakha Peter Rogers (hotels)
Lexie Arnott (Dalhousie)
Exhibits Jacob Hanley Randy Corney
Field Trips Amy Tizzard  
Fundraising Dave Lowe Peter Rogers
Outreach Louise Leslie Ann Timmermans
Publications Denise Brushett  
Publicity/website Donnelly Archibald Kathleen Gould (social media)
Registration Dawn Kellett  
Short Courses Deanne van Rooyen  
Special Events/Social Events Lexie Arnott  
Technical Program Chris White Jim Walker
Technical Services John Gosse Mitchell Kerr
Early Career Events Ricardo Silva  
AGS Liaison Ian Spooner  
IAH Representative Gavin Kennedy, Barret Kurylyk
CCUEN Representative Peter Mushkat  
CSSS Contact David Burton  


The program will be published in March 2022. If your organization requires meeting space and time in the schedule, please contact Lynn Dafoe, General Secretary.

Symposia and Special Sessions

A call for symposia and special sessions will be issued in September 2020. Contact Chris White for more details.

Field Trips

The East Coast of Canada is a terrific location to visit classic and informative field locations and Halifax 2022 will feature many of these in the field trip program. Some likely possibilities include:

  • Volcanic rocks in southern New Brunswick (Nancy van Wagoner)
  • Mineral deposits in New Brunswick (Dave Lentz)
  • Bathurst Camp, NB (Jim Walker)
  • Joggins (Melissa Grey)
  • Meguma Terrane Geology (Chris White)
  • Sable Island (Jordan Eamer)

Contact Amy Tizzard for more details.

Planning is now under way for Halifax 2022. If you are interested in organizing and leading a field trip related to the event, please contact Amy Tizzard: amy.tizzard@novascotia.ca ph 902-774-1411.

Short Courses

GAC, MAC and CSPG look forward to sponsoring several short courses. Contact Deanne van Rooyen for more details. 


Submissions are invited for oral or poster presentations at Halifax 2022.  The deadline for abstracts is Friday, 28th January 2022.


All registration is done online. Details to follow.

Oral Presentations

Oral presentations will be in 20 minute time slots (unless you have been advised differently).  These should be prepared as PowerPoint presentations - we strongly recommend you provide them in .pps or .ppsx (PowerPoint Show) format, to ensure that symbols and graphics transfer appropriately. To make a .pps file, use 'Save As' and select the PowerPoint Show (pps or ppsx) mode. Note that you cannot edit a .pps file. Time slots are 20 minutes - presentations should be tailored to 15 minutes, allowing 5 minutes for questions and change over.

Poster Boards

Posters will be centrally located in the main convention hall of the Halifax Convention Centre. Posters will be set up for the duration of the conference.

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