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We will be using ZOOM (with the enhanced security) for this presentation, with the Meeting ID & password that will be sent out to members the day before the lecture.

If you haven't used Zoom it only takes a minute to download.

Moderator will be on line 15 min. before the talk, so join us & catch up; it is AGS remember!

Please don't post logon details anywhere public, but you can share with others you think might be interested.

Just as a reminder, ZOOM is very easy to use.. turning your video & (or) your audio on & off is an option, & if you have bandwidth issues, turning your projected video "off" can help. During presentations please mute your audio; Moderator may be able to do that, but just in remove background noise. For questions you can use the chat to queue up " then unmute yourself when I ask you to go ahead; this just tries to reduce background noise. Afterwards, we will just open it up to further discussion as the system is voice activated.

Looking forward to seeing those that can make it on ZOOM.

Dave Lentz - AGS Prez

AGS Talk/Webinar Series
Previous Presentations

AGS Webinar 9 - "What can the chemistry of magnetite tell us about magnetite-apatite deposits?"

Presented by John Hanchar (MUN) (with F Tornos)
Thursday July 30th, 1:30pm NDT (1:00pm ADT)

For further information on John's research:

AGS Webinar 8 - "More than just whales and a scenic drive!
Cape Breton Island's contribution to a more complete understanding of the Maritime Appalachians"

Presented by Deanne van Rooyen (Cape Breton University)
Thursday July 16th, 2pm NDT (1:30pm ADT)

AGS Webinar 7 - "Hyperspectral imaging in Canadian mines - examples form the Highland Valley porphyry Cu and Canadian Malartic Au deposits"

Presented by Phil Lypaczewski from CONA
Thursday July 2nd, 2pm NDT (1:30pm ADT)

AGS Webinar 6 - "Glacial Mapping in Central-North Labrador"

Presented by Heather Campbell (Geological Survey of Newfoundland and Labrador)
Thursday June 19th, 2pm NDT (1:30pm ADT)

AGS Webinar 5 - "Gold Mining in Nova Scotia: Learning From the Past to Improve Future Environmental Performance"

For further information on Michael's research:

Presented by: Dr. Michael Parsons (GSC Atlantic)
Thursday June 4th, 1:30pm ADT

AGS Webinar 4 - "A 500-year paleostorm record from Harvey Lake, New Brunswick: Implications for cyanobacteria bloom formation"

For further information on Tim's research:

Presented by Prof. R. Tim Patterson (Carleton U)
Thursday May 21st, 1:30pm ADT

AGS Webinar 3 - "Petrology and geochronology of an inverted metamorphic sequence in the western Cape Breton Highlands, Nova Scotia"

Presented by Dr. Travis McCarron (UNB)
Thursday May 7th, 1:30pm ADT

AGS Webinar 2 - "Spatial and temporal correspondence of post-orogenic granites, intrusion-related polymetallic mineralization, and fault reactivation, Canadian Appalachians"

Presented by Dr. Dawn Kellett (GSC Atlantic)
Thursday April 23rd, 1:30pm ADT

AGS Webinar 1 - "Evaporite tectonics in the Maritimes Basin: salt, subsidence, sinkholes"

Presented by Prof. John Waldron's (U of Alberta) talk [with Morgan Snyder (Acadia) and Alison Thomas (CBU)]
April 09, 2020 01:30pm AST

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