What is EdGEO?

EdGEO initiated in the early 1970s, supports local workshops on earth science for Canadian teachers. It is co-ordinated by the Canadian Geoscience Education Network of the Canadian Federation of Earth Sciences . By providing educational opportunities for today's teachers and, through them, their students, EdGEO seeks to cultivate a heightened awareness and appreciation of our planet. The expected result is an improved capacity on the part of Canadians to understand the Earth and to make wise decisions, especially with regard to the use of its mineral and energy resources, the maintenance and remediation of the environment, and response to geological hazards.

Nova Scotia EdGEO Workshop Program

The Nova Scotia EdGEO workshops are organized and presented on by the Nova Scotia EdGEO Committee of the Atlantic Geoscience Society. Partial funding is received as a grant from the National EdGEO Committee upon approval of the workshop proposal.

In 1993, the Nova Scotia EdGEO Workshop Committee planned to offer six workshops throughout Nova Scotia between 1994 and 1999. Each workshop was based on the theme "The Earth Sciences: New Resources for Teachers." The program included hands-on activities with earth science resources, a field trip to a local area, and guest speaker.

As of 2010, the Workshop Committee has offered 18 workshops in 17 years. The theme and topics of the workshops change but the program for the 2-day workshop consistently includes both hands-on activities and field trip experiences. The participants receive an armload of resources to take back to their classrooms.

The registration fee includes transportation to field sites, field trip guides, teaching resources, nutrition breaks, lunch and evening pizza. Teacher participants received a vast array of resources including activities, fact sheets, pamphlets, maps, posters, videos, and digital and online resources - many of which have a specific focus on Nova Scotia geology.

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