The Atlantic Geoscience Society (AGS)

La Société Géoscientifique de l'Atlantique

Colloquium and Annual General Meeting

February 11-12, 2000

Fredericton Inn, Fredericton, New Brunswick


The Environmental Earth Science Division (EESD)

of the Geological Association of Canada

Conference on Current Environmental Research and Foci for the Next Century

February 10-11, 2000

Fredericton Inn, Fredericton, New Brunswick

Call for Papers - First Circular

Abstract Deadlines

EESD Abstracts:
Deadline for submission is January 09, 2000
Submit by email to: Bruce Broster
AGS Abstracts:
Deadline for submission is January 12, 2000
Submit by email to: Mike Parkhill


The AGS and the EESD cordially invite you to attend the AGS-EESD 2000 Joint Meeting in Fredericton, New Brunswick. The Conference Organizing Chairmen are Tom Al (AGS) and Bruce Broster (EESD), Department of Geology, University of New Brunswick. The joint conference will consist of two days of technical presentations at the Fredericton Inn on February 11 and 12.


Registration Fees: Attendance of both AGS and EESD $60.00 - professional

$20.00 - student

  Attendance of either AGS or EESD $40.00 - professional

$15.00 - student

  Geochemical Modelling Workshop $20.00 - professional

$ 5 .00 - student

AGS Luncheon:   $11.25
AGS Banquet:   $20.00


Please register as early as possible and send registration forms and fees to the appropriate chairman at the address shown below.


The program will consist mainly of morning, afternoon and evening sessions of oral presentations, and daily (8:00 am to 5:00 pm) poster sessions. The scheduled outline is as follows:


Technical Sessions: The general theme of the EESD conference segment is, "Current Environmental Research Foci for the Next Century.

Presentations on Environmental topics will be presented on Friday, February 11th. This will include such aspects as environmental problems and solutions, policy and jurisprudence, hazard identification and public awareness, methods of investigation, sustainable development and the interaction of man and environment. Contributions are not restricted to the conference theme. EESD authors are encouraged to provide press-release statements. A meet-the-press session will be held Friday at noon and 5:30 pm.


Technical Sessions:

On the evening of Friday, February 11th, AGS presentations will begin with a:

Keynote Lecture by Cees van Staal, Geological Survey of Canada, entitled

The Geological History of the Brunswick subduction complex in Bathurst, northern New Brunswick - an important clue to understanding the tectonic evolution of the Northern Appalachian Orogen.

Dr. van Staal is the Geological Association of Canada (GAC) Past Presidentís Medallist for 1999, and the lecture is sponsored by the GAC.

AGS poster and oral presentations will be based on the following themes:

  1. Current Research
  2. Geology of the Maritimes Basin
  3. Geological Resources: Offshore Petroleum and Economic Geology

In addition to the poster and oral presentations, provided there is sufficient interest expressed by December 15, 1999, a workshop will be organized by Tom Al. The workshop will be on Low Temperature Aqueous Geochemical Modelling with applications primarily from environmental geosciences. The workshop would be held during the afternoon of Friday February 11, and attendance will be limited to 20 persons. Participants are encouraged to bring their own IBM-compatible lap-top computer for hands-on exercises. Unless there are 10 persons pre-registered for the workshop, with conference and workshop fees pre-paid by December 15, 1999, the workshop will be cancelled.


All participants are invited to submit abstracts which will qualify the authors to make either an oral or poster presentation. The Organising Committee reserves the right to reject abstracts which are not presented in the correct format; to limit the number of contributions from any one author; and to assign any contributed paper to either oral or poster presentation, although we will attempt to accommodate the authorís wishes wherever possible. Abstracts may be submitted in either English or French.


A total of 20 minutes is allotted for oral presentations, including time for questions following the presentation. Please indicate whether an LCD projector will be used for the presentation so that we can schedule the talks according to equipment availability. Two standard 35 mm slide projectors and two screens will be available in the lecture room(s), together with one overhead projector for transparencies.

Authors are requested to consider poster presentations. The poster sessions are scheduled to avoid conflict with oral sessions and offer greater flexibility for one to one discussion. Poster dimensions should be 3' x 6' (0.92 x 1.83 m). The posters will require velcro fasteners that must be provided by the presenter. If you require a table in front of your poster display, please indicate this separately with your abstract submission, or notify the Conference Organisers at least a week in advance of the meeting.

Authors are requested to put up their posters on the evening prior to the session, and to be present during the formal display period. Additional space is available in the bottom half of the panel.


Abstract Submissions:

Abstracts of 400 words or less, must be submitted in Times Roman 12 point font on IBM formatted disc in either Wordperfect or Microsoft Word, preferably both. Submission can be sent as e-mail attachments to As the AGS Abstracts are normally published in the journal, Atlantic Geology, please follow that style of presentation; titles in bold with upper and lower cases as normal for first word and proper names, one line spacing separating title from authors, followed by affiliations on the next line, all lines centre-justified, and separated from the first paragraph by one line spacing. Consult a copy of Atlantic Geology for details of abstract formatting.


Abstract Submissions:

Abstracts should be 400 words or less with the text in Times Roman 12 point font. Abstracts should be prepared using Microsoft Word 97. The abstracts will be published in Atlantic Geology, therefore the format must be consistent with the journal format. Consult a copy of Atlantic Geology for details of abstract formatting.

Provide the authorís names in order of decreasing contribution, and please indicate separately:

1. whether the paper is intended for poster or oral presentation,

2. studentís name and degree program (B.Sc., M.Sc. or Ph.D.) if a student is presenting,

3. whether an LCD projector will be used for the oral presentation,

4. if you require a table in front of your poster display,

5. whether student presenters wish to be considered for the Noranda Award (see below).

Submit the abstracts to Mike Parkhill as email attachments to (

Student presenters are eligible for the following awards:

Rupert MacNeill Award - given for the best oral presentation by a student

Graham Williams Award - given for the best poster presentation by a student

Noranda Award - given by Noranda Mining & Exploration Limited for the best paper by a student in Economic Geology (either oral or poster presentation). This award involves summer employment with Noranda so you must indicate with the abstract submission whether or not you wish to be considered. A student submission with no indication will be considered a NO.

Social Program

A welcoming reception and cash bar will be held at the Fredericton Inn on both Thursday (Feb., 10) and Friday, (Feb 11) evenings. The AGS Luncheon and Dinner banquet will be held Saturday (Feb. 12).


Fredericton is served by Air Canada, and Canadian Airlines International, from several Canadian cities. Taxi service is available to downtown and hotels from Fredericton Airport.


The conference will be held at the Fredericton Inn. Forty (40) twin rooms have been reserved at the Fredericton Inn for arrivals on February 10th and an additional twenty (20) twin rooms have been reserved for arrivals on February 11th. Occupancy is 1-4 persons per room.. Requests and payment for accommodation must be arranged with the Fredericton Inn by calling: Tel: 1-800-561-8777; 506-455-1430 or Fax 506- 458-5448. Rates will be $69 for rooms plus HST (15%). In booking your room please quote conference "AGS-EESD Joint Meeting".

The Fredericton Inn is located at 1315 Regent Street approximately 0.5 km north of the University of New Brunswick campus, next to the Trans Canada Highway, and within walking distance to two large shopping malls that are open until 10:00 six days a week.

Other hotels/motels in Fredericton include:

1. City Motel, Tel: 1-800-268-2858; (506) 450-9900, Fax: (506) 452-1915

2. Comfort Inn By Journeys End, Tel: 1-800-228-5150; (506) 453-0800, Fax: (506) 457-0328

3. Country Inn &Suites, Tel: 1-800-456-4000, (506) 459-0035; Fax: (506) 458-1011

4. Lord Beaverbrook Hotel, Tel: 1-800-561-7666 (*), (506) 455-3371, Fax: (506) 457-1516

5. Sheraton Fredericton Hotel, Tel: 1-800-325-3525; (506) 457-7000, Fax: (506) 451-6694.

(*) The Keddyís Group is in the process of selling the Beaverbrook Hotel to another firm and consequently it is not presently known how long the 1-800 number will be available for accommodation bookings at the Beaverbrook.

Additional Information

If you have questions or require additional information regarding any aspect of this joint meeting, please do not hesitate to write or call:
B.E. Broster:

EESD Conference Organiser

Department of Geology 

University of New Brunswick

P.O. Box 4400

Fredericton, NB 

E3B 5A3 Tel: 

(506) 453-4804 

Fax: (506) 453-5055 

T. Al:

AGS Conference Organiser

Department of Geology 

University of New Brunswick 

P.O. Box 4400 

Fredericton, NB 

E3B 5A3 

Tel: (506) 447-3189 

Fax: (506) 453-5055